These rice noodles are insanely delicious.  The slippery noodles get bathed in a simple sesame and ginger vinaigrette and are tossed with crisp julienned vegetables, slivered eggs, cool mint, hot Sriracha, peanuts and sesame seeds.  Mmm.  It’s a light and refreshing break from our weekly routine.

The egg component is completely optional.  I often make a thin omelet for Ella, enriched with slivered greens or nori, which I roll up and slice crosswise.  She loves her “curly eggs.”  One night I was making rice noodles and planning on serving eggs on the side, when I decided to toss everything together instead.  The result was a revelation.

The noodles are still great on their own without the eggs (in which case I like to shred some nori over top), and I bet they’d also be great with shredded chicken or flaked salmon.

I julienne the vegetables on my mandoline, which makes quick work out of them. But you can use a chef’s knife instead (it’s a great opportunity to work on your knife skills!).  Either way, for the squash and cucumber, work around the vegetable, tossing the inner seed core in the compost bin.

You can serve the noodles warm, at room temperature, or cold.  Don’t forget another drizzle of Sriracha!

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