It’s finally here!! My new book, Build-a-Bowl, officially makes its launch into the world this week! I’m so excited to give birth to this baby, which features a slew of my go-to recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The book centers around this formula: whole grain + vegetable + protein + sauce = meal (check out the video recap below!).

Start with a grain base, add a layer of fresh vegetables, follow that with a lean protein, then finish it off with a quick but flavorful sauce for a delectable meal that can be adapted to all of the eaters at your table. From a breakfast bowl with citrus and coconut cream, to pork banh mi bowls, to roasted salmon and asparagus with an herbed yogurt sauce, to grilled skirt steak with sweet corn slaw and a red pepper cashew sauce, these flavor- and texture-packed dishes pack a nutritious punch at every meal.

Pork Banh Mi Bowls from Build a Bowl

Photo by Katrin Bjork

To celebrate, I’m offering an exciting giveaway this week. Head to my Instagram or Facebook page to learn how to win a free copy of the book and a FREE VITAMIX! You heard that right, thanks to my amazing partners at Vitamix, one of you will win a brand new Ascent Series Vitamix, which is quite possibly my most prized kitchen appliance, and which can be used to whip up a slew of sauces in the book, including a satiny red pepper and cashew sauce, a spicy lime vinaigrette and a creamy coconut peanut sauce!

Build a Bowl book and Vitamix

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support! I’m overcome with gratitude for every single reader, follower and friend who has helped and inspired me in this journey (and if you’re still reading this, then I’m talking directly to YOU!).

Grilled Skirt Steak Bowls from Build a Bowl

Photo by Katrin Bjork

Sunshine Citrus Bowls from Build a Bowl

Photo by Katrin Bjork

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