When it rains it pours, right? Right after I submitted the final manuscript for my cookbook last fall, I received a call from Craftsy asking if I’d be interested in teaching a class for them. Without pause, my answer was YES! Craftsy offers hundreds of high-quality online classes, not only in cooking, but also in things like photography, knitting, sewing, painting and decorating, with over 8 million members and growing. Ironically, I ended up jumping straight out of my food processor and right into my blender (or at least, that’s how it felt), developing a course called “Quick & Delicious, Make the Most of your Blender.” Hey, I’m all about tools that can help me get quick and nutritious meals made from scratch on the table, and, like the food processor, the blender can do just that!! While you might think the blender is only good for smoothies (it is undeniably the smoothie king), did you know you can also use your blender to make the easiest-ever, from-scratch batters, sauces, soups, condiments and more?

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In the class I start by going over some super cool tricks you can do in the blender, from making your own pantry staples such as powdered sugar and breadcrumbs, to fresh whipped cream and even butter if you have a high-speed blender. From there, I show you the easiest nut milk ever, to my ultimate superfood smoothie bowl, and my kids’ favorite green smoothie (yes, your kids will eat kale!), plus, a fresh watermelon margarita that can be transformed into an awesome summertime dessert. Then I move onto my favorite salad dressings and a coconut peanut marinade that can also be used as a killer sauce over vegetables, grains or lettuce wraps (I literally use it on everything).

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Whew, this is just the beginning, folks. I also show you how to make a foolproof hollandaise sauce in under 5 minutes, as well as my staple tomato sauce and a chilled cucumber soup that I could literally swim in. Oh, but there’s still more! Homemade mayonnaise, a vibrant tomatillo salsa, and a super nutritious blueberry vanilla chia jam that requires no pectin or canning equipment. Finally, my family’s very favorite crepes and gluten free banana oat blender pancakes. Those pancakes have transformed our mornings, as the batter can be whipped up in the time it takes for the coffee to percolate, using whole oats and almond flour as the base.

10209_CB_Quick & Delicious_Make the Most of Your Blender_Vitamix7083_retouched_small

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Ok, that’s the core of the course. However, there’s still more! As an added-extra, I’ve included a bonus section using the Vitamix blender, as it can do things that other blenders can’t. I show you how to use the Vitamix to make homemade peanut butter, how to make my favorite tomato bisque—no stovetop required, and an incredible chocolate chunk vanilla bean ice cream. Finally, drum-roll please, homemade bread in the Vitamix! You seriously won’t believe it—you can mix and knead an incredible bread dough right in your blender.

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Craftsy does an awesome job of presenting the class and recipes, laying out the course materials, and making it really easy to ask me questions directly. I’m here for you through every recipe and every step.  I hope you’ll join me!