Heavy Duty Sheet Pan

Everybody needs at least one heavy-duty sheet pan (or better yet, 2 or 3!). I use mine for everything from roasting meats, vegetables and fish, to baking cookies and galettes. Check out this sheet pan chicken dinner recipe!


  • EXTRA-THICK ALUMINUM STANDS UP TO YEARS OF HEAVY USE: A thick sheet of high-quality aluminum means you can count on even baking, something Bellemain insists on. Heats evenly and won’t warp.
  • COMMERCIAL QUALITY FOR THE HOME COOK: Professionals rely on this kind of quality, which makes it a natural choice for the serious home cook who appreciates reliability and excellence.
  • REINFORCED ROLLED ENCAPSULATED STEEL RIM PREVENTS WARPING: The raised 1” lip on all 4 sides is reinforced to ensure your sheet pan won’t warp when removing it from a hot oven, the way flimsy pans do.





Bellemain Heavy Duty Aluminum Half Sheet Pan 18″x13″x1″

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