How to Make the BEST Gluten Free Pies

These buttery, flaky gluten free pie recipes are easy to make, and nobody will know they're gluten free! the pies are perfect for the holidays or any occasion.

Make the Pie Dough:


The foolproof pie dough is made in minutes in a food processor.

Make the Pie Dough:


You can make the dough months ahead and freeze it! (The recipe makes 2 9-inch pie crusts, or 1 double crust pie.)

The BEST Pie Recipes

You can make a free-form galette, a single crust pie, or a double crust pie.


Double Crust Apple or Blueberry Pie

Fruit & Almond Galette



Quiche & Single Crust Pies


The dough was just as easy to roll out as the "real thing" with regular flour, and everybody said they couldn't tell the difference. Unbelievable!" -John

"I have been baking gluten free pies for 5 years. This is by far the best crust sans gluten I’ve made." -Glee


I'm Nicki Sizemore, a trained chef and cookbook author. I create wholesome, flavor-packed recipes that just happen to be gluten-free. These are dishes that anybody can master and everybody will love!