Easiest-Ever Homemade Blizzards (without an ice cream maker!)

Summer is finally here, and I’m celebrating with a homemade blizzard. You heard me right: a HOMEMADE BLIZZARD! Sorry, I got a little excited there. You’re not going to believe how easy this DIY Blizzard is to make, and guess what, you don’t even need an ice cream maker! Homemade DQ-style blizzard I love ice cream with a passion that’s usually ascribed to three-year-olds with sticky cones and sprinkles. Ice cream is probably my favorite dessert, and, let’s be honest, nothing is more nostalgic than a DQ Blizzard, eaten on the curb in the height of summer with traffic...

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Banana Oat Blender Pancakes (Gluten Free)

These banana oat blender pancakes are light, tender and naturally gluten free (new video below)! Best of all, the batter gets made in minutes right in the blender or Vitamix, meaning you don’t even need to pull out any mixing bowls. Confession: I never make breakfast on the weekends (and most weekdays). Unless James is traveling, breakfast is his job. He naturally took on this role (or possibly I hinted at it heavily??!) after the kids were born. You have no idea how grateful I am to roll out of bed on Saturday and not think about cooking (which...

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Easy to Make Breakfast Ideas for Mom (plus gift ideas!)

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I thought I’d share some of my favorite easy to make breakfast ideas for mom! These recipes are packed with flavor but are straightforward enough for anybody to master (meaning if you’re a mom, feel free to forward this post along to your loved ones!).*As always, all of these recipes can be made gluten-free! Carrot Cake Muffins These nutritious carrot cake muffins taste just like carrot cake, especially when slathered with a maple cream cheese frosting. Meaning it’ll feel like you’re eating cupcakes for breakfast!!! The batter AND the frosting get made right...

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Almond Shortcakes and Scones! (GF option)

These ultra tender, fluffy and easy-to-make almond shortcakes can be eaten with berries and whipped cream for dessert, OR they can be enjoyed on their own as scones! It’s my birthday and I’ll sing if I want to, sing if I want to, sing if I want… Oh, hi. Didn’t see you there. As my friends and family know, I have the voice of a gibbon monkey (oh the irony that I married a musician), so I apologize for that. However, my lack of vocal control has never stopped me from trilling away, and this week I’m crooning (croaking)...

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Coconut Cashew Curry Soup from Seriously Good Freezer Meals

I’m so excited to be featuring another recipe from a friend this week! This coconut cashew curry soup is adapted from Karrie Truman’s new cookbook, Seriously Good Freezer Meals: 150 Easy Recipes to Save Your Time, Money & Sanity (Robert Rose, 2018). I met Karrie last year at a food conference, and it was like meeting a soul sister. We instantly bonded over Korean food, our mutual passion for feeding our families well while balancing crazy schedules, and the universal challenges of mom-hood (although she one-ups me… er two-ups me… there with four kids). Karrie started creating make-ahead meals...

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