Gluten free recipes for Thanksgiving

From sides to desserts, these naturally gluten free recipes for Thanksgiving will entice any eater, whether or not she or he can eat gluten. In fact, these are some of our very favorite holiday recipes, and, drum-roll please (!), most of them can be prepped ahead. But don’t wait until November to make them! Each one of these recipes are just as delicious on a weeknight table as they are on a holiday spread.

Updated 2019

Foolproof Creamy Mashed Potatoes

Best homemade mashed potatoes in a bowl with a serving spoon.

Forget clumpy, stodgy potatoes! These ultra creamy homemade mashed potatoes are light and silky, yet rich and comforting. You’ve got to try this technique.

Easy Sweet Potato Souffle Casserole

Gluten Free Recipes for Thanksgiving : Sweet Potato Souffle Casserole

If there’s one dish that I absolutely cannot live without on Thanksgiving, it’s this seductively creamy sweet potato souffle. It’s also one of our favorite weeknight meals when paired with a salad. Best of all, it can be made ahead!

Swiss Chard Gratin (Vegan & Gluten Free!)

Gluten Free Recipes for Thanksgiving

If you’re looking for a dish to please all the eaters at your table, then stop here! This creamy Swiss chard gratin is made with coconut milk, garlic and ginger for a soul-satisfying side dish that just happens to be vegan and gluten-free.

The Best Easy Cranberry Sauce

Easy cranberry sauce in a serving bowl with a spoon.

This is the one recipe I can’t live without on Thanksgiving, and in my opinion, it’s the BEST cranberry sauce! It has a balanced sweet-tart flavor and luscious texture thanks to a few secret ingredients (and it’s even lower in sugar than most recipes!).

Roasted Squash Salad with Pomegranates and Goat Cheese

Gluten Free Recipes for Thanksgiving : Roasted Squash salad

Every Thanksgiving spread needs at least one salad, and this roasted squash salad is bright and lively, yet hardy enough to stand up to the richer flavors on the table. All of the components can be prepped ahead!

Quinoa & Apple Stuffed Honeynut Squash

Gluten Free Recipes for Thanksgiving : Quinoa & Apple stuffed honeynut squash

These quinoa and apple stuffed honeynut squashes are one of my favorite dishes to make if there will be vegetarians at my Thanksgiving table, as they’re hardy enough to stand in as a main course.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Mushrooms & Crispy Fried Shallots

Caramelized Brussels sprouts with mushrooms and fried shallots on platter

It’s time to ditch the green bean casserole for these roasted Brussels sprouts with balsamic roasted mushrooms and crispy shallots! It’s a beautiful side dish that’s packed with flavor and texture (you’re going to love those fried shallots!).

Maple Dijon Roasted Delicata Squash

Gluten Free Recipes for Thanksgiving : Roasted delicata squash on crostini

Looking for an easy appetizer? Try these roasted delicata squash crostini! Arrange maple-Dijon roasted squash over whipped goat cheese or ricotta crostini with a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds.

Coconut Curried Squash Soup

Gluten Free Recipes for Thanksgiving : Curried squash soup

You’d never know this creamy squash soup is dairy free! With coconut milk, lime, ginger and spices, it’s a refreshing new take on an old classic. Serve it as a luxuriously light yet cozy first course.

Best Gluten Free (and Regular!) Pie Crust

Gluten Free Recipes for Thanksgiving : Pie crust

Don’t let pie making intimidate you! This foolproof flaky pie crust, which can be made with gluten-free OR all-purpose flour, is surprisingly easy to make and comes together in minutes. Your pie game is going to be strong.

Crustless Pumpkin Pie Custards

Individual crustless pumpkin pies on a marble surface.

You won’t miss the crust in these luscious and creamy pumpkin pie custards! They’re a cinch to make and come together in under an hour. This is a perfect make-ahead dessert.

Gluten Free Pecan Tarts

Hand grabbing a gluten free pecan tart off of a marble surface.

These mini maple pecan tarts are the perfect addition to a dessert spread (and they make for a great hostess gift)! They’re gluten-free and naturally sweetened, but you’d never know it.

Pumpkin Pound Cake with Bourbon Cream Cheese Glaze

Sliced pumpkin pound cake on a platter with plates to the side.

Mic drop. This gorgeous pumpkin pound cake is easy to make (you can even bake it ahead and freeze it before glazing!), and it’s the perfect finale to a holiday meal.

Lightened Up Apple Crisp

Gluten free apple crisp with ice cream

Looking for something a bit lighter and easier to finish off the meal? You can’t go wrong with these gluten free apple crisps, which just happen to have about half the amount of butter and sugar of traditional recipes–but I swear nobody will know!!

Pumpkin Cheesecake Brownie Bars

Gluten Free Recipes for Thanksgiving : Pumpkin cheesecake brownie bars

Once you try these creamy pumpkin cheesecake brownie bars, you might never want to make pumpkin pie again. The creamy pumpkin topping is pure perfection over the rich brownie base, and you’ll be shocked at how easy they are to make.

Wishing you all a safe, healthy and delicious Thanksgiving!!